Collection: Chris Frederick

Chris Frederick has been a physical therapist/physiotherapist since 1989, focusing on manual therapy - particularly with integration of Fascial Stretch Therapy and Kinesis Myofascial Integration - along with personalized movement prescription to restore function. He has an extensive background in dance, both as a professional dancer of classical ballet, as well as being a practitioner in the specialty of dance physical therapy/physiotherapy. Chris is also well versed in the ancient movement and healing arts of tai chi and qigong. He is a coauthor with Thomas Myers of the chapter on stretching in the seminal book "Fascia: The tensional network of the human body" edited by Robert Schleip, Leon Chaitow et al. Chris and his wife Ann Frederick are both certified by Thomas Myers in Kinesis Myofascial Integration and are the authors of the popular book "Stretch to Win". Chris and Ann directed their own highly successful center for Fascial Stretch Therapy, physical therapy/physiotherapy, Structural Integration, chiropractic, acupuncture, sports massage and Pilates for nearly 20 years. They are now Directors of the Stretch to Win Institute at, where they offer certification training workshops in Fascial Stretch Therapy.