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Ayurveda in Yoga Teaching

Ayurveda in Yoga Teaching

Enabling yoga teachers to use and integrate Ayurveda principles and practices in their teaching, Tarik Dervish offers practitioners the skills needed to adapt their classes, and deliver workshops and courses that will meet the needs of students throughout the changing seasons and stages of life.

The book includes chapters on teaching asana, pranayama and yoga nidra with an ayurvedic approach, how to adapt to the seasons, integrate marma points and courses and lesson planning.

Part of Singing Dragon's Yoga Teaching Guides series, Ayurveda in Yoga Teaching is essential for those wanting to deepen their understanding of yoga's sister science - including its authentic historical context - and incorporate Ayurvedic principles in yoga teaching and sequencing.
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Press reviews for: Ayurveda in Yoga Teaching

Tara Fraser, Director Yoga Junction

Essential Ayurvedic knowledge for yoga teachers. This engaging and authentic book will help you deepen your understanding and provide a framework for your development as a yoga teacher as well as a completely new insight into your students from an Ayurvedic perspective.

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