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Clouds Over Qingcheng Mountain

Clouds Over Qingcheng Mountain

A Practice Guide to Daoist Health Cultivation

Immersing the mind with the concepts of the Daoist path of health and immortality, Clouds over Qingcheng Mountain invokes the sacred birthplace of one of China's mystical mountains that has stimulated both mind and body for generations.

Whilst the first volume, Climbing the Steps to Qingcheng Mountain, invited the reader to travel across time and through the history of China and Daoism, Clouds over Qingcheng Mountain is more focused in the book's purpose. Wang Yun places special focus on relaxation and the breath through five sets of foundational yet all-encompassing practices, such as posting, to deepen both themes. He offers tales from his life and journey, along with accessible tools to strengthen both body and qi.

Bridging the gap between practical experience and philosophical background, Clouds over Qingcheng Mountain simplifies the complex practices of Daoism handed down by generations of accomplished Masters, and gifts the reader with its most valuable aspects for a modern world.
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Press reviews for: Clouds Over Qingcheng Mountain

Michael Brown, translator of Explanations of Channels and Points (Vol.1), editor of Complete Compendium of Zhang Jingyue (Vol 1-3)

Many works feel bland, uninspired and a chore to read! This work paints a rich tapestry of personal experiences, cultural stories, and explanations of exercises. Sometimes when reading this book, it feels as though Master Wang Yun is in front of me recounting the story himself.

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