Applying Stems and Branches Acupuncture in Clinical Practice

Dynamic Dualities in Classical Chinese Medicine

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Stems and Branches is a style of classical acupuncture which uses the fundamental, cyclical rhythms of nature and life as a foundation for patient health and development. This book is one of the first of its kind in the western world to offer a practical but scholarly approach to applying the theory to clinical practice, and is based on the author's 40 years' worth of international experience as a lecturer, acupuncturist, and physiotherapist. He was a student of Dr van Buren, a pioneer in the practical use of Chinese philosophy in acupuncture.
This handbook guides the practitioner on how to confidently diagnose and treat patients based on the Stems and Branches theory whilst providing invaluable insight into the use of Chinese philosophy, psychology and pulse diagnosis.
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Press reviews for: Applying Stems and Branches Acupuncture in Clinical Practice

Rani Ayal, Constitutional acupuncturist and teacher

'Mind-Blowing', was my first impression of Joan's teachings, almost thirty years ago... 'Mind-Blowing' is my impression again - upon laying down this fascinating book. With love, compassion and humility Joan shares with us his knowledge; gained through decades of diligent study, clinical experience and personal development. This is a book about constitutional acupuncture and healing; but even more so, it is a book of Humanity and Humaneness, written by a master acupuncturist and a truly inspiring teacher. I believe it will be a corner-stone for deeper understanding and an inspiration for generations of acupuncturists to come.

CT Holman, author of Treating Emotional Trauma with Chinese Medicine and Shamanism in Chinese Medicine

Joan Duveen masterfully explains the complexities and subtleties of this ancient system that lies at the heart of Chinese medicine. He smartly unfolds the workings of the heavenly stems and earthy branches, allowing practitioners to utilize this effective information in their personal cultivation and clinical practice. I highly recommend this book to people looking for understanding of the universal qi flow.

Yan Schroën, Practitioner, Lecturer and Researcher of Chinese medicine

The theory and practice of the Stems and Branches belongs to the oldest, complex foundations of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Few acupuncturists know and master this ancient theory of "the rhythm of the laws of Qi" as Joan Duveen. In this book he has succeeded in explaining this difficult subject in a clear, structured, and pleasant readable way, so that it can also be applied in daily practice. It is a book that should be a standard part of every acupuncture course, in order to understand what Chinese medicine is all about.

Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc. Founding Professor, College of Classical Chinese Medicine, National University of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon

Chinese medicine as defined by the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine embodies a holistic system of scientific knowledge that regards the human body as a microcosm in the context of an all-encompassing cosmic environment. It represents one of the world's most time-honored alchemical traditions examining the phenomenon of human existence in the process of its continuous fusion with Heaven and Earth. At a time when the limits of the monodimensional approach of materialist science and its repercussions in the field of modern medicine have become more apparent than ever, Joan Duveen's excellent introduction to the intricate macrocosmic background sciences of Chinese medicine is cause for celebration. His monograph on the Stems and Branch system of cyclical energy calculation not only honors the lineage of J.D. van Buren, one of the first European master teachers of this wisdom tradition, but also makes this once hermetic information approachable by enriching it with a lifetime of clinical insights from a senior practitioner of acupuncture. I highly recommend this book for every student and practitioner of Chinese medicine!

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