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The Heart of WATSU®

Therapeutic Applications in Clinical Practice
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Watsu® is an innovative water-based therapy with roots in Japanese Zen Shiatsu. Serving as a practitioner guide, each chapter in this book enlightens practitioners on the ways in which WATSU® is being used clinically across the globe by expert clinicians, therapists and instructors in a variety of therapeutic settings. Its primary purpose is to provide anecdotal, practical and clinical tools to integrate the heart and science of WATSU® for special needs populations. Within this exploration of many pools, Watsu's unique movements, breathwork, intention, embodiment and heart are steeped in a unifying theme of adaptation across a plethora of therapeutic spectrums. These revelations about WATSU® will educate the aspiring or seasoned WATSU® Practitioner as each page, chapter and wave flows to the next. Within the chapters toward the later section of the book the reader will discover the evolution of aquatic bodywork forms that follow Watsu's birth. With proper training a therapist or allied health professional can dive into practice with a deep understanding to the heart and science of this unique form of water therapy. Techniques in this guide allow therapists to engage with clients with PTSD, chronic pain and neuromuscular disorders in palliative, hospice, and pediatric settings.
  • Published: Apr 21 2023
  • Pages: 416
  • ISBN: 9781787755109
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