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The Way of the Five Elements

The Way of the Five Elements

52 Weeks of Powerful Acupoints for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health

With its practical and immensely readable introduction to the nature and self-help uses of a key acupoint for each week of the year, this book is a gateway to the mysterious world of Chinese medical thought.

The author journeys through the seasons of the year, and the five elements that make up the Chinese universe, looking at the physical, emotional and spiritual associations of the most useful acupoints associated with each element. Exploring the deeper meaning of the name, function, and healing use of each acupoint, he shows how to use the acupoint in real life, and explains its practical benefits for the reader, which vary from sharpening a sense of smell, avoiding jetlag, curing a headache, to improving a good sense of humour.

With descriptions and images that capture the spirit of each element,and photographs of the point locations, this book will be a delight to anyone interested in a different view of the body and its deeper health, as well as students and practitioners of Chinese medicine looking for poetic and imaginative understanding of the five elements, and the key acupoints of each.
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Press reviews for: The Way of the Five Elements

Lorie Eve Dechar, author of ‘Five Spirits: Alchemical Acupuncture for Psychological and Spiritual Healing’

Through poetry, lush visual imagery, fascinating case histories and crystal clear explanations and point locations, John Kirkwood brings the body, soul and spirit of Five Element Acupuncture to life. A labor of love and devotion, this is a book clinicians, students and patients of traditional Chinese medicine have long been waiting for. I will use it in all my teaching and will cherish my copy for years to come.

Julie Weeks, MRSS(T)

Shiatsu Society Journal

The benefit of supporting the Element and living in each season goes far beyond the role of Shiatsu and Acupuncture, and so I recommend this book to students and practitioners of all healing therapies which incorporate seasonal energetic work.

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