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Circle Holding

A Practical Guide to Facilitating Talking Circles
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In an increasingly fast-paced world, talking and listening circles are a helpful tool for yoga teachers and other wellbeing professionals to offer connection, build community, and address specific topics in a safe and professional manner. This practical resource guides the reader through the various stages of talking and listening circles, including the initial intention for setting up a circle, opening the circle, sharing guidelines, introducing topics, and closing the circle.

Filled with valuable insights from interviews held with circle holders, this book offers advice on a wide range of topics and styles. This includes grief circles and LGBTQ+ circles, as well as an in-depth chapter on how to work with children and teens, complete with activities and embodiment practices. Written with professionals in mind, it also offers advice on managing group dynamics, the differences between online and in-person circles, and marketing.
Each chapter includes practical exercises, templates, and stories to support you in running your first circle or improving the quality of existing circles.
  • Published: Oct 21 2024
  • Pages: 256
  • ISBN: 9781805013150
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Press Reviews

  • Shoshana Perry, Narrative 4 Story Exchange Facilitator & Mindfulness Educator

    As an individual working in hospitals and prison settings, Circle Holding was a transformational read. I was excited for the philosophies and real-time practices that offered light bulb moments in thinking about shared listening and speaking spaces. In the exploration of meaningful connection, the author's heartfelt voices were especially moving as they led us to gain intimate insight into how various communities engage with the shared values of inclusivity, personal and communal growth. I rode the wave of this book with barely a pause, and I came out the other end with a more visceral understanding of what deeply considered compassionate care can look like.
  • Jess Glenny, somatic movement teacher, facilitator, therapist

    A much-needed guide to the art and the skills of circle holding, this book is inviting, accessible, and full of inspiration and practical advice. If you work with groups, or you would like to, put it at the top of your reading list - you won't regret it.
  • Fiona Agombar, Yoga Therapist, author, and Rest Activist

    A gorgeously nourishing book that will open the heart of anyone who reads it. Julia Davis and Tessa Sanderson take us on an inspiring journey, immersing us in knowledge and courage so we know how to design beautiful, inclusive, safe, and creative circles in an infinite number of ways.