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Mental Health Aware Yoga

A Guide for Yoga Teachers
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Yoga is not solely a physical practice-it's also a profound tool for nurturing your mental health.

This book, written by a yoga teacher and clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience, is packed with information on how to make an impact on your students' wellbeing.

With a staggering 79.4% of yoga students reporting practicing yoga for mental health reasons, teachers must be equipped to support them in an appropriate way. This book serves as a roadmap for empowering yoga teachers to help their students to navigate the intricate landscapes of varying mental health issues, from depression to anxiety and trauma.

Once you are done with this book, you will be confident to lead a practice that is safe, nourishing, and transformative. You will learn how to avoid common pitfalls such as overstepping boundaries, body shaming, non-consensual touch, misinformation, and discover the best yoga practices to teach (and what to avoid) for mental health. This is the perfect read for all yoga teachers as well as teachers in training.
  • Published: Jul 18 2024
  • Pages: 176
  • ISBN: 9781805012276
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